Learn About the Biggest Finance Houses Through Fictional Works

Ever wonder about how investment banks got to be as powerful as they are today? Ever wonder about the finance houses, their history and the reality of the who is who in New York City High Society? Sure lots of deals are made behind the scenes, but what else is going on and who is cozy next to who? Well if any of this sort of thing intrigues you then boy have I got a book for you?

Let me recommend a fictional book, with stories that are real and characters that are composites of many folks that shall not be named, it’s just not proper etiquette to exploit the rich and famous financiers and their families, or is it? After we watched Lehman Brothers crumble into the abyss, one has to wonder what on Earth they were thinking or how all this happened. Why don’t you please read:

“Hanover Place” by Michael M. Thomas; a Time Warner Books Company, New York, NY; 1990.

This is a great novel of Wall Street Greed, Hostile take-overs and decade repeating cycles of collapsing economies. This is a great book of the ups and downs plus Hanover Place is the pinnacle finance house of Warrington & Company. He mixes reality with fiction and the behind the scenes of high-society, rivalry, power, corruption and a little passion too.

Each page is interesting and by the time you read the first 50 or so pages, you will not be able to put it down, worse, it’s as if you could interchange the names with real characters of today and this last banking and financial fiasco. Please think on it.

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